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Discount Cabinets is owned

by John Gleason and wife

Denise created a  Quality Discount Cabinets,  over 16 years ago . Through that time she has become one of the most sought after designers with practical and physical experience

and the completion of over 4000 kitchens to date, People trust, respect and look up to her, for her kitchen design and skilled knowledge. She was reluctant to leave the business that she created , but she knew God was telling her it was time to move on.  She then turned the reins over to her oldest daughter who is still running that company today.

John is an accomplished electrician of 30+ years and fantastic designer as well , His knowledge in construction is beneficial all around.  John has ran into every scenario , imaginable in this business and knows how to solve them . These two are a winning team!! Don't hesitate to email or call and get your kitchen started today!!


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